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Beatriz Baldan, Managing Partner

Highlights of Experience

Before immigrating to the United States to pursue a postgraduate degree in Architecture at Columbia University in New York received her Master degree in architecture form Buenos Aires University and as register architect performed design services for a variety of new construction projects including multifamily housing, meat processing plants and facilities, and specialized unit hospital projects. Responsibilities included programming, design, production of contract drawings and field supervision. She taught Architectural Design at Buenos Aires University and Industrial Design at La Plata University. 1968-1971 She was team member in several national winning design competitions.


Beatriz Baldan was appointed Officer of Columbia University's Planning & Construction Office shortly after graduating from the Columbia's post graduate Architect program in 1973. The experience she gained here set the groundwork for her focus on community development projects that also took into consideration the ideas and concerns of the society and citizens that the project was to serve. Working in this environment also gave her ability to multi-task project management duties, contract maintenance roles, leading the design team, coordinating with consulting engineers, and field supervision in order to successfully bring her projects to spec in an orderly fashion.

After completing her tenure with Columbia University (1973- 1983), Beatriz went on to become a consultant to many high profile clients such as the United Nations Development Programme and the New York City Housing, Preservation & Development Corporation for affordable housing (1982- 1984). Guided by her innate understanding of community resources and needs, she continued to focus on community and housing development as Development Project Manager for Full Spectrum Building & Development and Skanska USA Building Inc.

Beatriz brings with her a penchant for detail and managing projects to spec for many of the communities she has helped develop, by aiding in the initial site investigation, programming, design development, preparation of construction documents, approval of shop drawings & equipment inspections, field construction, coordination, supervision, contract and construction administration. Her career has developed through the years excelling at all levels of the development process. 

George de Armas, Managing Partner

Highlights of Experience

George De Armas trained as an architect at Pratt Institute’s school of Architecture in 1980. In the first few years of his career George honed his architectural designing skills through a number of medium to large scale projects. Although, trained as an architect George’s real passion began with the design of functional spaces and later the actual creation of those spaces. From here George began his extensive career in Project Management with a concrete excavation crew learning the basics of construction operations as an assistant to the Operating Engineer. From experiences like this George guided his way to the Project Management vocation by successfully managing the daily operations of the many construction sites.


George has developed a wide breadth of experience through the years from initial site investigation as part of the development team, design development, construction documents review, field construction, coordination and supervision of trades, to contract and construction administration.


George also brings to the table a thorough knowledge of applicable codes and requirements for plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, as well as energy efficiency techniques & programs. Many of George’s projects have also been LEEDs certified and Energy StarTM rated by leveraging the use of photovoltaic solar cells, drainage construction systems, utilizing concrete that incorporated fly-ash and recycled steel. 


Beatriz Baldan

  • Managing Partner - MBD Investments, LLC. Develop and Build single and multi-family homes in the greater Miami area. Generate new development deals that focus on multi-family projects including marketing analysis. 

  • Saga Bay 10 LEED and “Energy Star” house project

  • Managing Member for Beatriz Baldan, LLC – managed

    construction and design projects in Miami-Dade.

  • PM of Brooklyn Children’s Museum. New construction and renovation of the existing facility valued at $25 million. 

  • PM for NYC School Construction Authority Capital Improvement projects valued at $35 million. Various Sites. 

  • PM for the New York Housing Partnership/HPD involving the construction of over 61 two family luxury residences valued at $12 million 

  • Head Designer and field Supervisor, Cancer Research Center laboratories, including animal floor, labs dishwasher facility, hot viruses room, electron microscope room, at Columbia University, Medical Center & College of Physicians & Surgeons, $65 million

  • Fellowship by British Council and Buenos Aires University, one year at London England in hospital design 1971 

  • Represented Columbia University, School of Architecture at Health Facilities and Hospital Design Conference in New Orleans 

  • Columbia University, Awarded William Kenney Fellowship 

  • Environmental Management Services Recognition Award Second Quarter of 2002

  • ISO 1400 certification for construction Waste Management

  • Represented Skanska, USA at Environmental Management Services Roundtables in Helsinki and Prague

  • Member of Columbia University Alumnae Association

  • National Association of Professional Women, Named Woman of the year 2014

  • The international Women’s Leadership Association – Received Leadership Recognition Award 2014

  • Board of Directors Scenic Florida, Inc., Board Member Foster Care Review, and volunteer panel member 

George de Armas

  • Managing Partner - MBD Investments, LLC. Develop and Build single and multi-family homes in the greater Miami area. Generate new development deals that focus on multi-family projects including marketing analysis. 

  • Saga Bay 10 LEED and “Energy Star” house project

    Managing Member for Barbarossa Consulting Services, Inc. – managed construction of multi-family projects in the NYC area. 

  • Meridian Park Avenue - 6 story, 125 unit apartment building (17 Million) 

  • PM for Lettire Construction – manage the construction of multiple mixed use sites: 

  • Colon Plaza - 55 units designed for victims of domestic abuse. ($13,000,000) Brick & Block & concrete plank construction. Designed to be energy efficient. Completed August 2010 

  • The Claremont - 115, Unit 6th Story apartment building in the Bronx NY, mixed use: Affordable housing and Assisted Living. ($21,000,000) Brick & Block & concrete plank construction. completed November 2010 

  • PM for The Bluestone Organization managing the construction of mixed use sites: 

  • 133 Pitt Street – Valued at $30 million 

  • Gateway at New Cassel – Valued at $12 million

  • PM and CM for Loewen Development managing the construction of multiple multi-unit family homes 

  • Claremont Parkway (CM) – Valued at $9 million 

  • Vernon Cherry Homes (PM) – Valued at $21 million 

  • Home Works II & 203K (PM) – Valued at $6 million 

  • Knickerbocker Village (CM) – Valued at $8 million 

  • Superintendent of Saratoga IV involving the construction of 42 two-family homes in Brooklyn, NY. Valued at $6 million

  • Assistant Superintendent of Saratoga I & II involving the construction of 61 two-family homes in Brooklyn, NY Valued at $12 million


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