Our planet is in need. With growing natural disasters and depletion of fossil fuel, it is time to look to the future of energy. At 3Ci we look to new technologies in solar, water reclamation and geothermal systems to empower a new way to conserve in the building industry. Our planet has finite resources. It is time to preserve what this planet has to offer and support it with healthy homes and buildings.


To create Sustainability in all our 3Ci projects, 3Ci Inc. must join forces with experts and specialists in many fields to create buildings that are powered by their surrounding and healthy for the people occupying those spaces.


3Ci Inc. is dedicated to complete sustainability in all our building projects. We deeply believe that the planet and its future is in our hands. This understanding drives 3Ci Inc. to find environmentally responsible building materials and the creation of truly self sustaining structures. 


It is the Mission of 3Ci Inc., its partners and associates, to develop and build environmentally sustainable homes offered to the consumer at an affordable price while changing the way the consumer and general public thinks of the home and how a home operates. We achieve our goals through constant research and incorporation of new designs and technologies that favorably impact the fabrication and operation of a building. Through our commitment to Conserve, Cooperate, Construct, we drastically reduce the amount of pollutants and reliance on fossil fuels that go into building and operating a traditional home. This equates into a healthier, happier consumer, the environment and the planet, for us and for generations to come.

Member of the US Green Building Council

All of our designs are LEED Certified


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